Teaching Multilingual Fluency

Our comprehensive language immersion education helps children become fluent, confident participants in their worlds. Parents can choose French or Chinese preschool for their children, sign up for a weekly language class, or take advantage of our highly rated language camps.

French Preschool

Our French immersion preschool and kinder program is for children from two to five years old.

Mandarin Chinese Preschool

Our Chinese immersion preschool and kinder program is for children from two to five years old.

Lower Elementary

In Lower Elementary, students have 3 years to acquire knowledge and skills introduced. Our programs prompt questioning the world in all learning areas. Biliteracy in French and English is the priority.

Language Camps

Our language immersion week-long spring break and summer camps are a fun opportunity for children to begin learning French or Chinese or to keep up their language skills during school breaks. Camps are designed for students ages 3-12.

Language Classes

Our weekly language immersion classes meet on Saturdays. Classes are available in French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese for children 3-12 years old and accommodate 4-8 students.


Our unique study abroad programs expand learning far beyond the classroom and provide true international language immersion experience.

Extracurricular Activities

We collaborate with San Antonio parks and museums to develop signature programs, events, and after-school activities.

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